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What shall we need to be precise when drawing up a will?

The will is a document setting out how a person’s property will be shared after his death.

The will is in practice "the big deal" in a life of each one of us and that is why it is necessary to be serious. The constitution of a will in a professional and sensitive way can prevent future discord and litigation or even wars within a family.

When making a will, it is important to pay attention to

• Establish a will according to the conditions fixed by the law on inheritance.

• Refrain from doing anything that may later invalidate the will or part of it.

• Concise writing of the provisions of the will so that it is not subject to an interpretation contrary to the will of the testator.


Updating a will

When there is a change in the situation of the property or in the family situation, there is reason to worry about updating the will according to this change (for example: the purchase of an apartment or the death of a spouse). An irrelevant will may thwart the real will of the testator.


So before intending to prepare a will, what should we prepare?

• A draft idea on how to share assets

• A detailed and accurate list of existing assets: real estate, cars, bank accounts, savings, insurance, trusts, as well as anything else that would have any value.

• A simple medical expertise that the testator maintains a health line that does not affect his mood and lucidity.

• It is important to take advise with a lawyer specializing in family law exclusively for the drawing up of a will, in order to avoid future legal disputes between heirs.

Mr. Daniel Wigler's law firm specializes in the drawing up will, family property sharing planning and succession and provides a response to all kinds of legal proceedings related to these matters.

The firm deals with the management of complex family cases, as well as the management of conciliation procedures, the execution of wills, matrimonial contracts, divorce agreements, agreements between cohabitants, kinship agreements, agreements between heirs, approval of wills and inheritance etc ...

This article is not a substitute for professional legal advice. To reach out to us and schedule an appointment .


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